The Arctic

The Arctic is one of the most rapidly changing regions due to climate change. The shrinking of sea ice has opened up new shipping routes, particularly the Northern Sea Route and the Northwest Passage. These routes offer shorter transit times between Asia, Europe, and North America, reducing shipping costs and opening up new trade opportunities. The region also holds significant reserves of natural resources such as oil, gas, minerals, and fish stocks, and as these resources become more accessible, interest sparks in exploration and utilisation. Cooperation among the Arctic nations, indigenous peoples, and the international community is necessary to ensure the sustainable management of these resources and the protection of the Arctic.

The BBA//Fjeldco Arctic Desk

BBA//Fjeldco is a first-class, full-spectrum corporate law firm and the leading firm in the North Atlantic region, specialising in Corporate Law and M&A, a de facto co-operation hub for the region as we have a network of contacts and experts in the area, and we have a wealth of experience working with authorities and businesses in the region in the following sectors:

- Energy
- Fisheries
- Mining
- Shipping & Transport
- Tourism

Arctic conference
For the past couple of years, BBA//Fjeldco and Arion Bank have held a conference in London on the Arctic, bringing together experts, policy makers, industry leaders and other stakeholders from the region to discuss and address current developments, innovations and opportunities in sustainability, energy, fisheries, acquaculture and tourism in the Arctic Region.  The conference serves as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, and by gathering diverse perspectives and expertise, the conference aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of the complex dynamics at play in the Arctic and explore innovative strategies for its sustainable future.

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