Tómas Magnús Þórhallsson

Senior associate

Practice area
  • Commercial and Company     law
  • Litigation
  • Administrative law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • District Court Attorney, 2012
  • University of Reykjavík, Mag. jur., 2011

Icelandic English
Recent cases
BBA//Fjeldco provided legal advise to Kvika banki hf. with regards to Kvika’s acquisition of all shares in Aur app ehf

BBA//Fjeldco provided legal advise to Kvika banki hf. with regards to Kvika’s acquisition of all shares in Aur app ehf., and whereas share purchase agreements were executed with all previous shareholders of the company. Aur was established in 2015, offering simple and swift payment services and has in a short period of time built an extensive client base. At the end of February, Aur had 90 thousand active users. The company has been a leading fintech player in Iceland with its mobile payments and innovative approach to consumer lending.

The acquisition of Aur is an important step in Kvika’s policy of utilizing technological solutions to modernize financial services. The bank expects that Aur, together with Netgíró hf., acquired by Kvika previously this year, and whereas BBA//Fjeldco provided legal advise as well, and the fintech service Auður will play a key role in the bank’s fintech services going forward.   

BBA//Fjeldco provided View Software with legal advice in the acquisition of MainManager

In December 2020 the Norwegian company View Software acquired the Icelandic software company MainManager. View Software is a leading software company with solutions within industrial maintenance and management, operation and maintenance (FDV)of real estate. With the acquisition, View Software will expand their customer portfolio to eight countries and open offices in Reykjavik and Copenhagen.


BBA//Fjeldco’s attorneys Halldór Karl Halldórsson, Tómas Magnús Þórhallsson and Sigvaldi Fannar Jónsson assisted and provided View Software with legal advice in the acquisition.


See further information on https://www.viewsoftware.com/blogg/view-software-acquires-mainmanager-and-expands-to-eight-countries

Debt refinancing of Arctic Green Energy

BBA//Fjeldco acted as the lead counsel of Arctic Green Energy in the debt refinancing of the company and subsidiaries which resulted in the outstanding obligations towards the Asian Development Bank being repaid in full.

Thetransaction was multi-jurisdictional and included refinancing of existing debt,new debt being provided and equity instrument being issued.

Purchase agreement with Landsvirkjun

BBA//Fjeldco provided legal advice to Reykjavík Data Center hf. with respect to entry into a design and build agreement with respect to a new high-tech data centre in Reykjavík and financing agreement with Íslandsbanki.

 The transaction also required Reykjavík Data Center hf. to enter into a transmission agreement with Landsnet, the incumbent provider of access to the transmission system in Iceland and entry into a power purchase agreement with Landsvirkjun, the largest operator of hydroelectric power plants in Iceland, pursuant to which Landsvirkjun shall provide electricity to the data centre.

 The power purchase agreement with Landsvirkjun is only the tenth agreement that Landsvirkjun has entered into since its foundation with a customer defined as a power intensive user and one of the first agreements which is certified as a green power purchase agreement, providing Reykjavík Data Center hf. with guarantees of origin, confirming that the purchase electricity derives from renewable energy sources.

BBA//Fjeldco advises Scottish Equity Partners on its investment in Dohop

On 20 November 2020 Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) completed an investment in the Icelandic travel technology company Dohop. Dohop’s virtual interlining technology allows airlines to seamlessly connect with each other, and with other travel providers, without relying on legacy booking systems and complex and inflexible interline agreements. Travellers can then create an itinerary composed of flight segments from multiple airlines. SEP is a Scottish investment fund which specialises in high growth companies across a range of technology sectors including software and consumer internet. For over 20 years SEP been investing in a range of high growth technology companies with good results.

BBA//Fjeldco’s attorneys Baldvin Björn Haraldsson, Stefán Reykjalín and Tómas Magnús Þórhallsson assisted and provided SEP with legal advice for its investment in Dohop.

See further information on https://www.sep.co.uk/sep-invests-in-dohop/

BBA//Fjeldco advised Reykjavík DC on a green power purchase agreement

On 18 December 2019 Landsvirkjun (theNational Power Company) and Reykjavík DC hf., a new high-tech data centre inReykjavik, entered into a power purchase agreement pursuant to which Landsvirkjun shall provide electricity to the data centre up to 12 MW. Theagreement is no. 10 which Landsvirkjun has entered into with a customer whichis defined as a power-intensive user and the agreement is certified as agreen power purchase agreement. That means that Reykajvík DC hf. isprovided with guarantees of origin which confirm that the purchased electricityderives from renewable energy sources.

Lawyers Bjarki Diego and Tómas MagnúsÞórhallsson assisted and provided Reykjavík DC hf. with legal advice during thenegotiations with Landsvirkjun

Kvika banki hf.

BBA//Fjeldco acted as a legal advisor to Kvika banki hf. in relation to ISK 2,406,000,000 acquisition of all shares issued by Gamma Capital Management hf., an asset management company in Iceland.

Nox Holding

BBA//Fjeldco acted as legal adviser to Nox Holding ehf., in relation to acquisition of all shares, issued by Nox Medical ehf., the subsequent restructuring of the Nox Group, and investment by the private equity fund Alfa Framtak, establishing a world leader in sleep diagnostic technology and sleep health solutions.

Sale of Icelandair Hotels

BBA//Fjeldco advised Icelandair hf. in relation to the sale of Icelandair Hotels and related estates to Berjaya Corporation

Acquisition of Isal from Rio Tinto

BBA//Fjeldco was a legal adviser to Norsk Hydro in relation to the acquisition of Isal from Rio Tinto

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